New vintage Marc jacobs top

While shopping down north Dalhousie street I checked into one of my favorite little shops.

janesblog-med size

Located at 233 Dalhousie

Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 10.28.47 AM

Young Janes is a beautiful store with two floors filled with Vintage pieces. With sizes for all theres definitely something for everyone.

During my visit I found this beautiful vintage Marc Jacobs top. I can’t help but smile when I see it, the frills, the light pastel colours and the material feels so nice. The only thing I was sad was that the tag didn’t have the care instructions on it  anymore so i’m not exactly sure what its made out of but i’m guessing silk or a viscose type of material. I can’t wait for the nice weather to come back so I can finally pair this top with cute outfits.

New vintage Marc jacobs top


Opera house – Sydney

Bondi Beach from the plane

Hey guys !
So we’ve finally made it,

it was a lonnggg journey but we’re here now.
We’ve been here for a couple weeks now and have finally got use to the town and the public transport. If you’re planning to go to sydney let me tell you it’s an expensive place! We have found some restaurants and spots that are cheaper but for the most part everything is expensive

Our 5 min taxi from the airport to our friends place was 32 $!  1 water-bottle = 3,80$
public transport is not too bad but it’s still pretty pricey one way being almost 5 $
Toothpaste = 9,99 $
Makeup is extremely expensive a Mac lipstick in canada about 18$ is 32 $ here.
So if you plan to come to sydney try to bring your necessities from home. Shoes are crazy expensive DOUBLE what they are back home !
A simple pair of converse like this are over 100 $ when in canada I can find them under 50 $
Opera house from the ferry
Me ( Paola on the left )  Joey on the right
Joey doing a human flag infront of the Opera house
These birds are called White australian Ibis they are everywhere and are always around  just like seagulls

Opera house / Sydney


Journey from Ottawa to sydney!

Hey guys for some reason my blog posts had not been posting so i’ll just repost all of them!


Hello my lovelies 
Today is dec 5th finally the day we leave for Sydney! I cannot wait to finally be in the warm air . This morning we left at 7 am to make our 9 am flight to edmonton
We encountered quite a lot of little problems on which to begin our day. When we went to check in everything was fine and dandy until the woman at the desk could not get Joey’s ( my boyfriends) boarding tickets printed. Then she told us we needed our ETA’s which are e-visas to go to australia.
I had researched it before and many websites said it wasn’t mandatory but the desk woman at the airport made us get them she was very friendly and patient which made our hour and a half wait with her to get out ETA’s so much better ( from 7 am to 8:15 am )at 8:15 everything was fixed so we rushed to get thru security to catch our flight to edmonton. The flight wasn’t bad 4 and a half hours.
 The city was covered in snow and during our decent we saw a little bit of the city ,the pilot informed us that it was -19 C that day there.When we arrived in Edmonton we noticed that the airport was very small but very cute. the airport had a couple different restaurants , a little arcade and a CANDY STORE! ( I bought these weird candy sticks that were actually flavored honey and really good) called-  brushy mountain bee far honey sticks
I got three different kinds the Watermelon , green apple and peach (i’ve only had the watermelon one so far and I quite like it )

construction at the edmonton airport.

 At that point we were quite hungry it was 12:30 edmonton time 2:30 ottawa time so we decided to go eat something We ended up eating at Chili’s I had the bottomless lunch special which was a chili with a garden salad and tortilla chips where Joey got the bottomless soup and salad It wasn’t very good but we were very hungry so we did end up eating it.  we had an hour to wait for our next flight ( from edmonton to vancouver) so we decided to sit close to the big windows to catch a bit of sunshine.We were delayed there for a really long time until we found out that the flight attendants and pilot had gotten in a car accident downtown they were all fine however a little shaken up.  Because of the accident we were delayed 2 extra hours there which we didn’t really mind since we had a 7 hour wait in vancouver anyways.

From Edmonton to Vancouver the flight didn’t take very long 1:30 min we arrived to a rainy snowless vancouver. We snacked a little then headed towards the international section which has all the duty free shopping and restaurants. Joey had a&w and I had a fresh mango orange yogurt milk shake. The Vancouver airport is adorable it has an aquarium and gorgeous stores – Hermès, Mac and mini sections of different brands like khiels ,Chanel,l’occitane … after hanging out around the aquarium for a bit we headed to our gate

( the outfit I decided on :) )

It is now almost 2 am ( ottawa time ) 11 pm vancouver time and we are still delayed hopefully it will soon be the time where our flight is ready so we can embark for our 15 hour flight to Sydney which is

- This is how we look now haha

Hopefully we will get to sydney soon without anymore delays.
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Follies of the fall

This past week I went to Gatineau park to enjoy the gorgeous leaves .
we stopped at Mackenzie estate where the gorgeous ruins the adorable houses and incredible leaves make it feel like you just stepped back 100 years at a simpler time We didn’t stay long since it was thanksgiving day and there were a lot of people and we had to get back home to finish preparing for a thanksgiving dinner at a friends house  these are some of the photos from the Mackenzie estate .

Makenzie estate
- American apparel scarf
- Community ( aritzia ) jacket
- American apparel unisex striped sweater
- Cheap monday jeans
- h&m Bag
- Spiked boots necessary clothing



My cousin from italy has come to canada to spend a couple weeks with us. It was her first time in North America so we decided we should give her the full experience and bring her to NYC  since when we talked she had said it was her dream to go there.


Fashion Ave.