Dominican republic



In a couple of hours I will be heading back home to my hometown of Cabarete. ¬†I haven’t been for two years which is the longest i’ve ever gone without going back.I’m so excited to be greeted by my family, finally having my toes in the warm sand and just feeling the caribbean¬†relax way of living.¬†

My trip is starting off early wednesday morning and I arrive around 2 in the afternoon, I’ve decided not to check bagages and just pack my essentials in a backpack and a carry-on.




. Fast forward to my trip day it was at 6 am and since it’s an international flight I wanted to get there for 3:30 am so wake up at 3 however Joey and I managed to sleep thru the two alarms I set and I managed to wake up from a bad dream, I wake up to see that it’s 4 am, I immediately jumped out of bed while waking up Joey and put on the clothing I had layed out. I put my backpack on and we were out the door in a matter of minutes.
Our small airport normally is quite good with not taking very long to put everyone thru security however I had never ever been late for a flight so I was quite nervous after checking in on the machine and going thru security I was finally relaxed and went to find some snacks. I didn’t find anything that I really wanted so I just bought a
water bottle.

I had a small layover in Newark where we had to transfer terminals by shuttle ( we had to go outside in the rain to access the shuttle) and then I waited . The wait wasn’t very long and I boarded to Dominican quite quickly.

On my arrival since I only had my carry on I went straight thru customs and went outdoors to go see my uncle that was waiting for me. When I got home I changed, greater my family and went to go buy soap, toilet paper and money. The necessities .









What’s in my bag

Deconstructed what’s in my bag for my upcoming trip



This is the perfect little purse  , this Philip lim purse from target is actually very spacious and holds quite a bit of stuff, I love the color as it goes with everything and the little compartment in the front holds my cellphone perfectly.




These are my essentials: My Ray-bans aviators in small, my passport , my phone case + phone , My charity pot cream from Lush, my silky underwear talc powder and Smith’s rosebud and mint salve.





My passport



This Charity pot is amazing – the cream is made out of fair trade organic cocoa butter and many other great ingredients. The best part of this cream is that every single penny ( excluding the taxes ) are donated to the charity marked on the lid.


This Smith’s Minted rose lip balm is a must have in every handbag. This product is more then a lip balm its an all in one product. I’ve used it on burns , on my cuticles, on my eyebrows to tame them, on flyaway hairs … It also lasts forever.


This is another all in one product this dusting powder. Made with grated cocoa butter it is a moisturizing powder that add a nice velvety feel to skin with a hint of fragrance.

it can be used as a dry shampoo, a dusting powder to add fragrance to clothing or to sheets, it can be used as a deodorant  or to freshen up a pair of shoes. I always carry this product around with me.


New vintage Marc jacobs top

While shopping down north Dalhousie street I checked into one of my favorite little shops.

janesblog-med size

Located at 233 Dalhousie

Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 10.28.47 AM

Young Janes is a beautiful store with two floors filled with Vintage pieces. With sizes for all theres definitely something for everyone.

During my visit I found this beautiful vintage Marc Jacobs top. I can’t help but smile when I see it, the frills, the light pastel colours and the material feels so nice. The only thing I was sad was that the tag didn’t have the care instructions on it ¬†anymore so i’m not exactly sure what its made out of but i’m guessing silk or a viscose type of material. I can’t wait for the nice weather to come back so I can finally pair this top with cute outfits.



Screen Shot 2013-08-17 at 8.26.50 PM

New vintage Marc jacobs top